How to get your site Index overnight

I meet a lot of people looking to improve their search some people have been trying to get there site indexed and still seems to have no success. So I thought I set out the process to get overnight right here. Use this 3 step approach to not only get indexed but to also create a little brand value. It is essential to cover these angles on day 1 of your SEO journey.
No 1
Add your site to Google
Make sure you have added your site to Google webmaster and added Google analytic.
You will also need to make sure its verified property also its advisable to set your target country
No 2
Make sure you get some back links and social accounts in place
make a facebook page , a Pinterest  page and YouTube channel - make sure you add links in all 3 places. Then go to Google my business and add a brand page on Google plus . Once the page is made make sure you go and add links to your other social pages to you Google plus profile.
No 3
Get some social signals - and submit your site to reddit and folked.
To ensure this process is complete share links of your site on all the 3 social accounts you created. Also post your site in the correct subreddit and submit it to bookmarking site)
I hope this helps
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